Locatie: Factorium Theater, Koningsplein 11a, 5038 WG, Tilburg

Saturday the 22nd of October Make It Jazz

 Tilburg organizes a free* masterclass and solo concert with great piano and organ player Larry Goldings at Factorium Cultuurmakers.

13:00-15:00 Masterclass
16:00 solo concert Larry Goldings

FREE entrance for all students and everyone under 30 years old.

Price for non-students and people above 30: €5 only Masterclass or concert, €7,50 for Masterclass + concert.

About Larry Goldings
If it has a keyboard, LARRY GOLDINGS will always be game to give it a whirl. Perhaps best known for the organ trio Goldings/Bernstein/Stewart, Goldings grew up primarily as a pianist, but, “home organs, analog synths, melodicas – what have you – were equally significant during my formative years. I was very content in my childhood basement, as a one-man band, pretty much from the start. It got me thinking about color, texture, orchestration, and what it feels like to simultaneously be a bass player. I love having other colors at my disposal, because it leads me down new roads, with new emotional and storytelling possibilities.”

Larry’s solo performance will feature him as a pianist, and/or whatever keyboard instruments each venue can provide, creating an evening of spontaneous, creative, and eclectic music.